If you’re looking to join the world of online casino play or want to switch casinos to something different then there are a number of factors to consider before you make a decision.

There are so many online casinos available today that many take steps to separate themselves from the pack and offer a little more than the competition.

If you’re depositing money into an online casino account, you want to make sure you get the best possible online gaming experience. You don’t want to come across any problems or unnecessary hassle after you’ve signed up and transferred your money.

These factors will all come down to your gaming needs. You may commit to a casino because of the range of games they offer, you might be attracted to a casino because of its user experience or mobile play.

Whatever your reason for picking one casino over another there are some important things to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a new casino site.
Let’s take a look at some of the deciding factors you should think about before signing up to a new casino.

A Safe Licensed Casino

There are tons of online gambling websites to choose from. Use a reputable casino that has a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission, which it must have to legally accept players from the UK. It requires the casino to meet certain standards for fairness, security, dispute resolution and problem gambling assistance.

It also requires casinos to submit to regular game audits by approved third party agencies to ensure that games are genuinely randomized.

It’s also a good idea to check that the casino site has been favourably reviewed online. Online reviews can point you to those that are most reliable, safe, have the best odds, and, most importantly, treat their players well.

We ensure each and every casino reviewed on Top 5 Casino Sites is a reputable one.

Promotions and Bonuses

Depending on how serious a casino gamer you are, a good bonus will matter to you. Many players seek out the bigger and more generous bonuses.

Some casino welcome bonuses can be so generous that they end up costing the casino a lot. Avid online casino players will take advantage of these bonuses, depending on how much you play the casino online, you may or may not want a good bonus promotion to top up your own funds and give you some more casino game time.

Again, it’s worth taking notice of the wagering restrictions so you can separate the generous offers from the really generous ones!

Withdrawing Funds

Many online casinos out there make it a task and a half to withdraw any winnings or general funds in the player’s account.

It can be a very time-consuming process with some heavy identification verification processing involved. In many cases a withdrawal transaction can take longer than 24 hours and casino players do not want to wait that long to withdraw their funds.

It’s worth doing a little research about the casino’s withdrawal steps. Many players today will pick a casino that promises to make it easy to withdraw funds quickly. Most have exhausting withdrawal processes but there are some that offer a much quicker and convenient transaction.

While you’re at it, it’s also worth double-checking that the casino site you want to join accepts whichever payment method you find most convenient. For instance, if you want to use PayPal it’s important to make sure that you can both deposit and withdraw using that method. It’s much better to know ahead of time than to run into problems when you’ve got big winnings you’d like to withdraw.

Wagering Requirements

If you join an online casino because of a particularly appealing promotion, the chances are that it will hold some wagering requirements.

This is pretty much standard procedure in the online casino industry. But you don’t want to be tied down to ridiculous wagering conditions. Some casinos have a 32x (or more!) wagering requirement on standard bonuses.

Find a casino that offers fair wagering terms, or better yet, one that offers promotions that don’t carry wagering restrictions.

Most match bonus promos will have some restrictions before you can actually withdraw any winnings made from the match bonus offer. It’s worth checking out the terms and conditions on the welcome bonuses of a few casinos you’d like to join and taking note on which one offer the fairest wagering terms.

The Mobile Experience

If you like to take your gaming on the go then make sure you know if the casino offers a good mobile experience. You may want to sit at home on your iPad and play slots or you spin the reels on the daily commute on your mobile phone.

Either way, it’s important to have a great mobile experience, and if you have certain games you like to play then make sure they are available on the mobile platform. Some online casinos offer exclusive mobile slots like Party Casino, many slots are desktop-only, so be sure to know the catalogue of mobile games available.

You can find a casino that puts everything in one place on their mobile app, making it intuitive to navigate around and easy to find what you’re looking for. Casinos such as Paddy Power and Betway have put a lot of time in developing their mobile apps, ensuring a top-notch mobile casino experience.

Game Selection

The reason you’re playing at the casino is because of the games. This is where the entertainment comes from and this is where the wins are made. The casino games that are offered on the casino sites are provided by software developers who specialise in casino games.

This is almost always the case. Some casinos develop a few of their own in-house games, but the majority of the games on the site are developed by gaming software giants such as NetEnt, Playtech or Microgaming.

There are many gaming developers and each one has its own selection of games. If you have a few favorites you want to play, then be sure that the casino you pick works with the gaming developer that created the game.

Some casinos work exclusively with one gaming provider, while work with several. Each casino will hold a different variety of slots, progressive jackpot slots and table games. Find a casino that works with the gaming providers that offer the best games and have the best reputation.

Once you’ve chosen a casino it’s time to read up on the different game variations on offer. More so than at a land based casino, with online casino you have many variations of popular games. If you want to play roulette, decide if you want to play US, European or even French roulette and then play that game. Don’t join tables where you don’t understand the rules, only play when the gameplay, odds and features are clear for you.

Good Service

The quality and availability of customer support is especially important. True, you may have to call on them rarely, but since problems and disputes could involve large sums of money, you want to be sure that support is always available when you need it.

Make sure you select a site that has real people on hand to help you. Check the support is available 24/7 and has multiple contact details – Phone, live chat, and email. It’s best to check this out before depositing any money.

If you’re looking for a new casino to join, you’ll find all the resources you need here at Top 5 Casino Sites. Check out our rankings of the best casinos, read the reviews and join a great online casino today.

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