If you are a newbie to online casinos, you may think that all slot machines are the same. Flashing lights and funny looking symbols, a coin slot and a handle, what more is there to it? Although they look similar, you should know that not all slot machines are created equally.

So what does “reading” a slot machine actually mean? It refers to the information that can be gleaned from the machine’s schedule and unique qualities. When you’re able to read a slot machine you’ll be able to tell at a glance whether it’s worth playing or not.

Coin Denomination

The first thing you may want to know about a slot machine is the coin denomination. Most slot machines will let you play for as little as 1p per line and you can increase this all the way to £1 per line and more. This allows you to select the stake, but remember your stake is based on the bet per line x the number of winning lines you elect to play so if there are 10 win lines and you stake £1 per line, that’s £10 for every spin. The more win lines you select the greater your stake, but the greater your chances of winning.

Multipliers and Payouts

The multiplier is another element you can read on the slot machine’s payout schedule. You should know that the payout depends on the number of coins you decide to play. For instance, if the respective machine pays 10 coins for three cherries when playing with one coin, the payout will double for two coins, and triple for three coins.

You may also want to check if the slot machine you want to play offers bonus multiplier games. In this case, you will also get a bonus when hitting the jackpot with the maximum number of coins.
Another aspect you should read on the slot machine you intend playing is the multiple pay line. When playing machines multiple pay lines, each coin you play activates another line. The more lines you activate, the higher the winning odds. However, if you win on a line that hasn’t been activated, you cannot cash out on the win.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are yet another type of machine. The feature setting them apart from standard slot machines is that they are connected together within a network, each of them contributing to a collective jackpot, whose amount progresses each time it’s not won. The jackpot will often reach many thousands of pounds, and sometime even several million. When the jackpot is hit, the amount resets to its minimum level. Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal are some of the most popular types of progressive slots games.

Slot games are among the most popular games offered by online casinos. You can find out much more about where to find the best games in our Top 5 UK Online Slots ranking.

Peter Grey
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