The more you play online casino games, the more you’ll notice certain trends. You could be hitting big wins one minute and taking big hits the next. That’s sometimes unavoidable, but there are some key online casino mistakes that can leave players suffering losses that can ruin the fun.

If you enjoy hitting the online casino environment for a bit of entertainment and don’t want to fall into these losing traps, then you should read the following casino mistakes, so you can play with some sort of online casino strategy.

Playing casino games that you do not know

This is a surefire way to drain your bankroll and a mistake that many players make. With a huge variety of casino games available it’s not uncommon for players to click their way to a game and give in to the temptation of it’s promising jackpots. It may look like fun, but if you’re risking your bankroll on a game you don’t understand, then you will swiftly see your account balance plummet.

If you do not understand the rules of the game, then you should get to know the rules before you risk your money on it. You can find tips to almost any casino game online, so get to know the game first!

Buying insurance in blackjack

Hitting the online blackjack table is one of the most popular pastimes in online gaming. There are many variants of the game available and plenty of elements to get to grips with before you start hitting and sticking based solely on your cards and not the dealer’s cards too.

One element to be aware of is the insurance offered by the house. This is offered to all players when the dealer has an Ace card. Insurance is ‘sold’ to protect the players chips by up to 3 to 2 should the dealer hit a ten card and make blackjack. However, the odds of the dealer hitting blackjack are very slim, making insurance a bigger risk than it’s worth. If you’re playing online blackjack, then you should make sure you know the basic strategy.

Getting greedy

This is the most common reason why players lose at the casino. It all comes down to something in their head driving them on to chase ‘just one more win’ that win never comes. Greed will eventually be your downfall in the online gaming world.
You may hit a big winning streak but it will come to a quick end, that’s the reality. You need to know when to take your chips and ‘walk away’ or there will be no chips to take. Set yourself an achievable target and if you reach that target then you should take your winnings and go.

Playing for too many hours

Online casino gaming is so accessible it has allowed players to play whenever and wherever they want. This can lead to players gaming for too many hours, leading them to tire, lose focus, make mistakes, take bigger risks, and eventually decimate their bankroll.
Now you know what mistakes to avoid when playing, make sure you make the right choice about which online casino to play at. We review and rank the leading, reputable online casino sites so you can focus on playing with a clear mind.

Peter Grey
Peter studied Journalism in University. He makes a living writing about Online Casinos. His favourite casino game is roulette but he still plays online poker in his spare time. It's no surprise his favourite quote is "If you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker".
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