If you’re an online slots lover patiently waiting for the next big release to reignite your passion, slots tournaments might be just what you need to inject some thrills and variety into your favourite game.

Before you’re ready to jump into your first tournament, it’s important to understand what they are and how they work. Even though there are some variations, the basic principles usually stay the same.

How Slots Tournaments Work

All tournaments start with a buy-in, meaning that you pay an entry fee to join the tournament and have a chance of winning. Some tournaments are free, while others are comped tournaments, which means the casino pays the buy-in on your behalf.

The prize pool determines both number of players and the cost of buy-ins.

There are two main types of tournaments – sit and go tournaments and scheduled tournaments.

In the former, there is a predetermined number of players. The tournament starts when all the players have paid their buy-in. The goal is to finish up high on the leader board by winning the most credits or casino chips at the end of a set time-frame, or by having the highest return on spins.

On the other hand, scheduled tournaments start at a scheduled time, regardless of the number of players. Most of the time, in both cases, players receive a set amount of credits to play with, and after that, the players have a set amount of time to sit at the slot machine and play.

For that reason, players usually seize on the strategy of rapidly hitting the spin button to get the maximum amount of spins in the set period.

The winner is the player who accumulates the highest amount of credits. It’s important to know that your payout will not be the credits you earned during the allotted time, but is dependent on the tournament payout schedule.

Typical Formats and Prizes

Slots Tournament Tips and Tricks

Slot tournaments prize pools are getting bigger all the time, and because of that, everyone wants to find a fool proof strategy to win. However, there is no strategy which can ensure a win. There is no way to predict the results, no way to beat the machine, and certainly nothing you can do to change the odds of the slot machine. You may ask yourself, then, if there’s any way at all to improve your chances.

Play fast. There is a time limit in all tournaments. In that time frame, you need to play the maximum number of spins. You can do this by continually pressing the spin button as quickly as possible. Make sure you’re not wasting time you have by waiting for wins to count up on the machine.

The other thing you can do is to concentrate on what you are doing and shut out the people and things around you. You may be curious how other players are doing, but it will only waste your precious time.

You need to have luck on your side, keep on spinning the reels, and do what you can to make the best of it. There’s no system which can promise you a prize finish.

Where to Play

There are many slot machine tournaments available, both online and offline. If you do not have the possibility to play on real slot machines, there are many online casino versions. Some of the best online casinos which feature slot machine tournaments are Microgaming-powered online casinos.


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