Everything You Need To Know About Online BlackJack

Blackjack, also known as “twenty-one”, is one of the most popular card games played both in brick-and-mortar and online uk casinos.


A game of blackjack is played with one or several decks of 52 cards. Each of the face cards counts as 10 points, while the other cards are counted in with the value shown on the card. Aces are worth either 1 or 11.

There are several ways of winning a game of blackjack: by getting an exact 21 as the sum of the initial two dealt cards, by reaching the highest total without going over 21, or by letting the others exceed 21.

At the beginning of each game, once the bets are placed, the dealer distributes two cards to himself and each of the players.

After looking at their cards, the players have to decide whether to hit (take another card), stand (take no more cards), double (draw another card and end their tour), split their cards (if they have two cards of the same value), or surrender (retire from the game and lose half of their bet). Some UK online casinos also offer a side bet called insurance, which can be played when the dealer has an ace in his hand.


If you are new to playing blackjack online, here are some terms you need to master in order to understand what is going on around you:

  • To hit means to draw another card
  • To stand means ending your turn
  • To double means to draw another card, and increase the value of your bet, but commit to stand after the respective round
  • To split means separating your same value cards into two hands
  • To surrender means to retire from the game
  • To take insurance means placing another bet in case the dealer’s upcard is an ace


Blackjack’s enduring popularity means online casinos offer several varieties, with the main two being European blackjack and American blackjack. Unlike in the American version, there is no option to surrender in European Blackjack, and those who pick the European version can double down only when they have a combined hand totaling 9, 10 or 11. The rules are also different on the action of the dealer on soft 17. While in European Blackjack, the dealer must hit, in the American version, the dealer must stand on soft 17.


Another relatively popular version of the game, especially at the best blackjack sites, multi-hand blackjack is played with five decks of cards. The game allows players to play up to five hands at once without putting any time limits on their actions. Multi-hand blackjack is very popular with strategic gamblers because it makes it easy for them to place strategic bets and to predict which cards are going to be dealt during the last part of the game.


Live blackjack is the closest online gambling gets to the real casino playing experience – but from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. It allows you to play from wherever you are against a dealer who runs the game live from a remote location via video feed. You’re still playing with real money, but from the convenience of your mobile phone or computer.


When gambling, luck plays an important part, but strategy certainly has its role, reducing the house edge to a minimum. Knowing when to hit, when to stand, and when to double is important if you want to make the most of your blackjack experience. These decisions must be taken based on odds and probabilities, but you won’t always have the time to make all the necessary calculations.

There are no secret strategies to help you get rich from playing blackjack but there’s no good reason not to learn optimal online blackjack strategy before you play. It’s all pretty straightforward and helps bring down the house edge. Many players make simple mistakes when playing blackjack and these mistakes end up costing them their chips.

With time, you will most probably develop your own strategy, but to get started you should learn some basic strategic rules by heart:

  • You should always stand when you have an Ace and 8/9 in hand
  • You should always hit when you have an eight on a hard hand
  • You should always stand when you have a pair of tens, but split when you have a pair of Aces or eights
  • You should always double on 11, unless the dealer has an Ace
  • Don’t hit if your hand count is above 13 and the dealer is showing a 2-6 card, the dealer has more chance of busting.
  • Think carefully before taking insurance. The chances of the dealer hitting blackjack are much less than the dealer not hitting blackjack, it’s not worth it!

It’s also worth following a couple of other important rules-of-thumb:

  • You should never play a blackjack table that pays out less than 3:2.
  • Don’t use online casino bonus money, as wagering requirements can take time to work through and your funds will be much harder to release.


We’re all looking for ways to optimise our blackjack results, and one of the most common suggestions is to choose your seat advantageously. But where is the best place to sit at a blackjack table?

The First Seat at the Table

The blackjack dealer deals out the cards from left to right, so the player in the first-base seat will be required to act first. Some players could feel a little pressure in this position, as everyone will be waiting on them to act. Don’t. You should take as much time as you need!

The Last Seat at the Table

The player sitting in the third-base position (sometimes referred to as the anchor seat) will be the last to act. If you’re counting cards (which is impossible in online blackjack) then you’re at an advantage. If not, you gain nothing. Again, the position does come with some pressure, as your actions might affect the success of other players’ hands.

So, which seat do you pick?

You pick whatever seat looks most comfortable because there is no mathematical advantage in any seating position. If you go into a game armed with the basic strategy in your playing arsenal then it does not make a difference in the outcome of your play.


With a bit of time and effort invested in learning a few useful terms and strategic rules, you can play blackjack with confidence from the beginning. After that, you will just have to put your analytical skills to work, and develop your personal blackjack strategy. Good luck!

If you’re ready to start playing blackjack online, check out our list of the best blackjack sites above. Just choose which site you want to try and click on ‘Claim Bonus’ to get started.