Online Casino VIP & Loyalty Schemes – Are They Worth It?

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The online casino industry is booming and only looks like growing even further. With so much fierce competition, online casinos are offering generous VIP and loyalty schemes to keep their players happy and ensure a longstanding relationship with the player.

Most casinos share the same games, so casinos need to separate themselves from the pack and offer more to the player. Many casinos are using their loyalty systems to sell themselves to the player. There are benefits to taking advantage of the online casino VIP & Loyalty schemes but are they really worth it?

Well, there are positives…

The most obvious one is that VIP schemes are designed to offer the player more – more bonuses, more winning potential, more play opportunities.

The more the player plays, the more points they earn and the higher up the VIP ladder they climb.

Some of the many perks of online casino VIP schemes include

  • Regular bonuses
  • Faster payouts
  • Exclusive offers
  • Cashback
  • Rebates on losses
  • Reduced requirements for earning points
  • Additional deposit bonuses
  • Entry into exclusive tournaments
  • Monthly gifts
  • Discounts on merchandise purchases
  • Access to offline events

What’s more, being part of a VIP system will likely get you access to improved customer support. If you have a high VIP level, then some casinos will assign you your own VIP Manager that will take care of all your needs. And if the casino is one of the more established brands you might be treated to VIP events, even holidays and other comps.

But there are negatives too…

Many VIP schemes are by invite only and will only accept players who have reached a certain level of play time.

Furthermore, many VIP offerings can be less than expected. The casino may promise players big rewards but fail to deliver anything worthwhile and leave the player regretting ever signing up.

You also have to maintain your VIP status by playing constantly and this can be off-putting. Players can feel compelled to keep up their VIP score even if they don’t feel like playing. This can have some very negative consequences.

How does it all work?

Playing at an online casino and wagering enough money to rise up through the VIP levels actually creates jobs. Someone is usually employed, either a whole team or a few people (depending on the size of the casino site) to focus on you and other player’s casino play.

They have software that uses sophisticated analytics to track players’ actions, from how often they play, how long and the amount of money wagered, won and lost, as well as the games the VIPs prefer.

Top players get so much VIP treatment that their VIP account managers will take their calls day or night and offer any help, whether it’s to do with the casino or not.

If the player has just won a big amount of money then then will congratulate the player and try and get the player to wager it back at their casino. If they lose a hard-hitting sum, then they will comfort the player and advise them to take a break.

Rising through the VIP ranks

Depending on the casino’s program structure, point accumulation will vary. Typically, casinos will award one loyalty point for every dollar, pound or euro wagered.

Each game from slots, blackjack and roulette will have a different betting requirement to earn points. A point will be easier to earn playing slots then on blackjack. This is because the player will win more playing a game with a lower casino house edge.

Often the casino will offer a double- or triple-points promotion on certain games to entice players to try out a new slot or another game. What’s more, sometimes you’re even treated to points on birthdays or other milestones.

So is it really worth it?

If you’re a serious player who often wagers money at your favoured casino site, then it can’t hurt to be a part of the casino VIP loyalty program.

It’s important to read the rules to the specific loyalty program in order to know just what opportunities the points can give you. If you’re going to play, then you may as well take the points that come with it – there can be benefits to enjoy.

Just don’t let the points dictate your play, some players will be motivated by their VIP level and that will make them wager more.

Play as you would usually play without worrying about VIP status or rewards.

If you’re a player who wagers more than £5k a month on a casino site then it will be worth shopping around for a good VIP system, and finding one that will be rewarding over time will certainly be worth it.

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