Privacy policy

What type of data we collect? How do we use it?
In some cases, we may collect technical and aggregated data about you, and may be made available or gathered via the users’ use of the website and it is transmitted from the user’s, including: type of browsers; type of operation system; type of device; time and date you access the website and use the Services; users’ navigation and actions in the website; language preference; country level location. We use this data solely to provide and enhance our Services and to enable operation of the website. We use this data solely to provide and enhance our Services and to enable operation of the website.
If you voluntarily contact us whether through the “Contact Us” page in the website, by sending us an email, using our live chat, or any other request or notification, you may be required to provide us with certain information such as your name and email address. We will process your contact details and contact history with us to provide you with the support you have requested or response to your inquiry. We will retain our contact history and correspondence, in the event we find it applicable (e.g., in the event of future claim, to provide you with support, or to improve our services). Note that, we currently use LiveChat Inc. as our service provider, which will process the above information on our behalf and its chatbot services. LiveChat privacy policy is available here: Chatbot privacy policy is available here:
If you voluntarily subscribe to our newsletter you will be asked to provide us with your name and email address. You can unsubscribe at any moment through the “unsubscribe” link within the email or by contacting us directly. We will use this information solely to provide you with the content you have requested. Note that, we use MailChimp services for email marketing, which its privacy policy is available here:
If you voluntarily leave a comment on the website or submit a User Review you will be asked to provide us with your name and email address, or to connect through a social media account (i.e., Facebook, G+ or Instagram). Such social network may provide us with access to certain information about you as stored therein (e.g. full name, e-mail and any other information which you made public). If we will decide to post your comment, it will be posted under the name you have provided or your social media profile. In addition, in the event you click the “notification” sign, we may send you an email notifying you other user have responded to your comment. Note that, in the event the email you provide is associated with your Gravatar account, we will post your comment under your Gravatar profile picture. We will use this information solely for the purpose of submitting your comment, for authentication purposes, or, if applicable in order to send you the follow up comments you have requested or entitlement for a Prize. Note that, we recommend you do not disclose Personal Data through the content of your comment. This comment shall be publicly posted and we cannot control any third party's use of such information.
We will collect your Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses. Note that, while IP address is considered personally identifiable information in many jurisdictions (such as the EEA), there are some jurisdictions in which such data sets are not considered as Personal Data. Therefore, we treat such information as Personal Data, in accordance with applicable laws. We use the IP in order to fulfill our legitimate interests to: maintain, protect and manage the website and Services; customize and improve our Service, as well as enhance your experience while you use our Services; in order to perform research, analytic and statistic regarding traffic flow and users’ interaction with our Services; in order to audit our affiliates, calculate payments and detect fraud, as well as detect and resolve security or technical issues in connection with the Services; We also may use IPs for remarketing purposes, as detailed in the “Cookies” section below.
We may, if applicable, receive certain personal data (e.g., name, phone number, e-mail, address etc.) if you voluntarily provide us with this information if you wish to be provided with a customized offer or you wish us to provide your details to an applicable service provider to contact you. We use this information to perform our contract with you and provide you with services you have requested.
If you voluntarily contact an applicable service provider through the unique telephone numbers displayed on our websites you will be assigned with a unique caller ID. We will use this information in order to audit our affiliates and calculate payments. We will not combine this data with Personal Data. We currently use Invoca services which its privacy policy is available here:
If you voluntarily subscribe to receive Push Notification on our behalf, we (directly or by our service providers) will process your IP address and approximate geographical location (country). We will use this information solely for the purpose of sending you with the notifications you subscribed to receive. Note that, we use PushAlert services, which its privacy policy is available here: You may unsubscribe from receiving push notifications, at any time, through your standard browser settings.
If you wish to be our business partner, and voluntarily contact us through the applicable online form we make available, you will be requested to provide your name, company name, email, phone number and other details provided by you. We will use this information in order to contact you and to examine the possibility of future collaboration.
Survey & Interviews: If you have registered to our survey, you will be initially requested to provide us your name, email, age and details regarding your shopping preferences. If you will participate in our survey relate interviews (by phone, video call or any other method), we might, subject to your consent, record our interview, and you may voluntarily provide us with additional information. We will use this information internally, and solely for the purpose of evaluating your applicability to our survey, as well as in order to further develop, improve and enhance our website, Services and the way we offer them. We will also use your contact information in order to schedule the interview and send you the applicable gift card or coupon, etc.
Request for a Call Back or a Quote: If you voluntarily fill out and submit our online form in request to be contacted by a service provider and receive information or a quote, you will be requested to provide us with you contact details (name. email, phone number, etc.), as well as information regarding your business. We will use the information you voluntarily provide to in order to match you with the services provider we believe to be applicable to your needs. We will also share your contact details with such service provider. Note that, once we share you information with such service providers, that information becomes subject to its privacy practices.

Most recommended accounting software

These are some of the most recommended accounting software on the market:

What is accounting software?

Accounting software, sometimes also referred to as bookkeeping software, is a comprehensive, all-in-one financial logging, management, and auditing solution. Whether looking at small business accounting software, personal accounting software, or enterprise-level, most systems come with invoicing, expense management, reporting, cash-flow monitoring, and client management features. Most bookkeeping software will also auto-generate important financial documents like balance sheets and income sheets for you. Most of the best accounting software for small businesses is available as a web-based solution, with the back-end deployed in the cloud. This makes it easy for users to access their business’s financial data from any internet-enabled device. They can also invoice, add expenses, or view important reports on-the-go without having to log on to their laptops. Small business accounting software helps businesses save a lot of time and money while improving productivity levels. It provides a digital interface to perform most financial transactions. It also automates some of the most routine accounting chores like accounts reconciliation, ledger management, and transaction matching. For freelancers or very small operations, you can sometimes find free accounting software options that will have the basic features you need to keep your finances in order. These are good options to get started with, and often have the option to upgrade to a paid package as your needs or business expand.