What Are High Roller Slots?

 Put simply, high roller slots are those games that have a higher per-spin limit. These are games that let you put more money on each spin, so you can benefit from bigger wins when you land matching combinations of symbols.

In any slot game, players decide how much they want to bet per payline – essentially, per line of symbols on the reels. In some cases, these are variable and it’s up to each player to decide whether they want to bet on landing a combination on one, two or all of the paylines. Players set a bet per line, and choose the number of lines, with the factor of these two numbers representing the total bet per spin.

In other cases, the number of paylines is fixed, so you can only choose your bet per spin number. In each case, there’s a range of bets available – at the lower end, players can spin for pennies, while at the upper end, high rollers can bet hundreds per spin in the hope of landing something bigger. And because winnings are paid out as a multiple of your stake, depending on the value of the combination you land, there’s some serious money to be won playing these high stakes slots games.

Are They Popular?

Slots are by far the most popular game of choice for casino players, and that’s true both online and offline. There is no skill barrier in slots, which separates these machines from table games like blackjack, which require a high level of knowledge, skill and concentration. That makes slots the perfect game for casual betting, and with online slots, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Browse any of our recommended casino sites and you’ll find hundreds of different slots titles, from some of the leading developers in the industry. That alone is testament to the popularity of slots over other types of casino games. While not every title is suitable for high rollers, based on the betting limits, a number allow spins of £100, £200 or even £500 per spin, with jackpots that can run into several thousand times the per spin stake.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing High Limit Slots?

Quick Bets

Slots is probably the quickest casino game, in terms of the speed of betting. Once you’ve set a stake you’re comfortable with, you can spin every 10 seconds or so, for multiple chances to win per minute. Good luck reaching that kind of speed with roulette or blackjack! For high rollers, this is particularly important, especially if you’re chasing a larger combination or a progressive jackpot win.

Easy & Fun

Slots are so easy to play, requiring absolutely no skill or decision making, beyond choosing how much to bet or which bonus features you want along the way. They’re also incredibly fun – some are so good, they’d give video games a run for their money. A slots session is a great way to unwind, and with high stakes involved, it can be a good fun way to effortlessly gamble online.

Big Wins & High Payouts

Because of the structure of slots jackpots, there are some very big wins to be had, as a multiple of your stake. This is often as much as several thousand times your bet, with progressive jackpots running even higher. Even with lower value wins, you’re still benefiting from the ultra-high payouts of online slots relative to other casino games.

Lucrative Bonus Features

Most modern slots games come with added bonus features and mini-games, over and above the main reels winnings. These can be some of the most lucrative elements of the games, even more so when you’re playing for high stakes. Often taking the form of free spins, multipliers or instant cash awards, they’re just one more good reason to choose slots for your high stakes gambling.

Huge Jackpots

And then there’s the jackpot – whether progressive or non-progressive, there’s always a lot to be won playing big stakes slots online. You can find out each jackpot before playing, and decide whether it’s worth competing for these prizes. But in virtually all cases, you’re looking at a much higher return, and a better RTP (return to player percentage) than you’d find with other games like blackjack or roulette.

What Is The Percentage Payout And How Much Can You Win?

Slots wins regularly run into the millions, particularly for those taking part in progressive jackpot games. Of course, most players are playing for much smaller stakes, so your chances of winning a substantial amount are greater if you’re playing for higher stakes.

The world record online slots win, according to the Guinness Book of Records, fell to Jon Heywood, a former British soldier, in October 2015. He was playing at Betway, spinning on Mega Moolah, when he landed what can only be described as a life-changing amount of money – regardless of how high you roll! He won €17,879,645 – about £13.2 million from a single spin. While that’s far from common, it shows you just how far you can go with online slots, and especially those with a progressive jackpot in play.

The return to player percentage, or RTP, is the proportion of game revenues paid out in prize money. For slots, this stands at anywhere from around 95% upwards, meaning the house edge is as slim as 5% – and in many cases, even slimmer. The longer you play, the closer to the RTP percentage you should reach, and this is set at a much more competitive level than other comparable casino and gambling games.

High Roller Bonuses & Progressive Jackpots

High rollers are usually able to secure generous welcome bonuses for signing up, usually taking the form of an enhanced deposit match bonus or extra free spins. These high roller bonuses vary between different casinos, but high rollers can often find more favourable terms, both at the welcome bonus stage and in terms of ongoing promotions.

High rollers also benefit from bonuses in-game. These are often some of the most generous paying features of online slots games, and the higher your stake, the more you’ll win whenever these bonus features appear.

The same applies with progressive jackpot slots, where high rollers stand to win millions or even tens of millions on a lucky spin. These are slot games that pool jackpots between different players, games and sometimes even casinos, to create much bigger jackpot amounts.

Slots Games Offering High-Limit Stakes

There are plenty of slots games that work for high rollers, often with a maximum spin value ranging into the hundreds of pounds. Here’s a flavour of the kind of games you should be looking for.

Tips & Strategies For High Stakes Players

Compare RTPs:

RTPs vary between different slots games, with some as high as 99% and others as low as 90%. Online, the vast majority sit somewhere in the middle, but that’s still a sizeable difference – even a few percentage points can mean a great deal when you’re playing for bigger stakes. Aim to find slot machines with the highest RTP. While this shouldn’t be your only benchmark for comparison, it remains one of the best ways to choose between different slots games.

Choose Your Variance

Variance is another variable between different games, and is a measure of volatility. Low variance games pay out smaller winnings on the whole, but they tend to be steadier. High variance games pay out larger winnings, but you can also expect dry spells. It depends on your own risk appetite here which of these extremes you trend towards, and to make matters more complicated, casinos don’t tend to tell you which are high and which are low variance games. However, by reading reviews, you can get a feel for where different games sit in terms of variance, relative to other slots titles.

Progressive vs. Non-Progressive

Many slots players think the big money is hiding in the progressive games – those with the biggest jackpots. While that can be the case for some players, it’s a moon shot, akin to buying a lottery ticket. It depends on your strategy, but high rollers often find it pays more to choose non-progressive games and play for the combos of the single game jackpot payouts. These can still offer a huge multiple on your stake, and there’s often no bonus for high rollers in playing progressive slots.

Ask for the VIP Treatment

If you’re playing for high stakes and you feel you’ve demonstrated to a casino that you’re a VIP, you should expect the VIP treatment. This can come in a number of different formats, but usually, it means you’ll be in line for extra bonuses, free spins, perks and other goodies. Find out if your chosen casino has a VIP programme, or reach out to support and tell them you’re a high roller – you’ll usually get extra value as a result.

Try Different Games

Don’t be wedded to one or two specific games – if you’ve played for a while and it’s not coming off, you should always be prepared to try different games. There are thousands of different slots titles out there, each with their own unique differences. So don’t feel under any pressure to stick to one game, or one developer – play the field, and you might discover a slot that’s a better paying game for you.


Slots are the perfect game for high rollers. High limit slots allow you to bet sizeable stakes per spin, and you can spin as many times as you like in succession. With a high RTP and strong returns for winning combinations, there’s a lot of money on the line for lucky slots players in the right place at the right time.

If you’re looking for an easy, fun session with the chance to win some seriously big prizes, look no further than high roller slots online.