Boku Payments: How You Can Ante-Up Using Your Mobile

In simple terms, Boku is a turnkey payment solution that allows consumers to pay for goods and services using their phone bill. When a company integrates Boku’s technology into its site, the checkout system allows customers to complete transactions without using their bank account, debit/credit card or an eWallet. As well as Boku casino deposits, the company now counts brands such as Apple, Spotify, Facebook and Google among its clients.

In addition to processing $2 billion every year, this pay-by-phone-bill platform is now listed on AIM. Aside from elevating the profile of the company, Boku’s listing on the London Stock Exchange has further cemented its safety and security credentials.

In general terms, Boku offers two solutions for operators:

  • Boku Checkout: This a one-time deposit option that allows operators to identify customers via their phone number. As well as identifying a customer without using or storing their personal details, Boku Checkout charges the user’s phone bill.
  • Boku Direct: Like the Checkout system, Boku Direct charges a user’s phone bill. However, what this solution can also do is set-up a recurring billing system.

So, if we were to put these in context, players using a pay by Boku casino would use the Checkout to make a single deposit. In contrast, if the player wanted to set Boku as their preferred payment method, the Direct system would be used.

In a nutshell, Boku allows casino players to make deposits in one of two ways. If they want to use it as a one-off system or they’re happy to enter their details each time they want to play, Boku Checkout is great. If, however, a quick payment solution is required, Boku Direct has the power to make that happen through a recurring billing system that simply requires text authorisation after an initial transaction.

Can I Use A Pay By Boku Casino?

If you’re looking to make a phone deposit using Boku and play some slots or other casino games, you need to have a few things in place. Obviously, you need a mobile phone and a billing service. Specifically, though, you need an SMS-enabled device that’s capable of receiving premium rate messages. The reason for this is that Boku charges your bill in the same way a premium SMS text service would.

In fact, it’s this dynamic that allows the company to take credit from users with monthly mobile contracts and pay-as-you-go credits. But what if I make one payment but don’t want to use the service anymore? Simple: if you want to cancel your Boku service any direct or third-party charges, text one of the following keywords to the number you receive payment notifications from: STOP, CANCEL, END, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT.

At present, casinos can accept Boku deposits from mobile users on the following networks: Vodafone, O2, EE and Three.UK Mobile service providers supporting Boku

For anyone that doesn’t have a mobile device capable of accepting premium rate SMS messages, there is an alternative system known as Payforit. As well as working with mobile operators, Payforit can be tied to a BT landline. This option works in exactly the same way as Boku deposits i.e. you enter your mobile number, receive a call from the merchant (the call is automated), you confirm the transaction and wait for the payment to be made.

In this instance, the only difference between BT landline deposits and mobile Boku slots payments is that the former uses a call-to-confirm system while the latter uses text messages.

Comparing Payment Methods: How Do Boku Deposits Stack Up?

Are Boku Slots, Games And Casinos Secure?

Boku casino sites are a great choice if you value safety and security. Thanks to the underlying mechanics of this system, you can make payments with complete confidence.

The main reason you’re safe making Boku casino payments is because you don’t have to enter any personal details. Unlike other payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, you don’t have to enter your name or banking information. Because the payments are charged to your phone bill, only your mobile carrier needs to know who you are. Thanks to this, you can enter your phone number and leave it at that.

The other benefit of the Boku deposit system is that each transaction has to be authorised by the user. Put simply, when you make a deposit, the software will send a message to your mobile device. If you don’t follow the instructions in this message and confirm the payment, the deposit won’t be registered. So, in this instance, you’ll actually have two safeguards in place. Firstly, a criminal would have to steal your phone and then they’d have to hack into your Boku casino account to make a deposit. If they weren’t able to pull off both of these feats, they wouldn’t be able to make a deposit.

In fact, even if they could commit both crimes, they’d still only be able to deposit a maximum of £30 in a single hit. This limits your financial risk and, moreover, gives you time to contact your mobile phone carrier and put a block on all Boku payments until the issue is resolved.

Finally, just to ensure that the company and every Boku deposit casino is playing by the rules, the following agencies are there to regulate things:

How To Make A Boku Casino Payment

Before we leave you to explore our recommended Boku casinos, it’s worth running through the payment process. Although things are fairly self-explanatory once you’ve found a Boku slots and casino site, the steps below should help you get started:

  1. Follow one of our secure links to a top-rated Boku casino and create your first account (if necessary).
  2. Login and navigate to the payment page/cashier.
  3. Inside the payment menu, choose the “pay by phone” or “pay by mobile” option.
  4. If required, verify your phone number/device.
  5. Once your account is able to make Boku casino deposits, input the amount you wish to pay into your account (up to £30).
  6. Wait for a text message and hit “Y” for yes/to confirm. If you’ve made a mistake or you don’t recognise the transaction, hit “N” for no/to decline.
  7. Within a minute, the payment will be complete and the funds should be ready to use.

But what if something goes wrong? The way Boku works is fairly simple. You request a deposit, the system charges that amount to your phone bill (in the same way premium texts are billed) and Boku pays the casino. If there is a glitch in the process, you’ll be notified via text. Although uncommon, the payment may not go through because of a temporary network outage or, more likely, you’ve reached your monthly limit (i.e. you’re out of pay-as-you-go credit or your monthly bill has reached a self-imposed limit).

Boku Deposit Tips

In order to get the most out of your Boku deposits and stay safe, there are a few things you need to know once you’ve mastered the basics. Because this payment method is still fairly new, there may be some subtle features you’re either not aware of or know how to use it. However, if you can digest the following Boku payment tips, you should be on your way to depositing via your mobile like a pro:

Know Your Limits

Boku casino deposits typically range from £3 to £30. In some instances, it may be possible to increase the maximum deposit limit. However, what’s more useful for most players is the ability to set personal limits and recurring payments. Now, if you’re happy to monitor your own deposits, Boku’s system will keep a record of all your transactions. Moreover, you can download your mobile provider’s app and note all the Boku casino payments you’ve made. However, if you’d like to have a personal limit and let the software manage your funds, you can contact your mobile network provider. Doing this will allow you to specify daily, weekly and monthly deposit amounts outside of Boku’s predefined limits.

In terms of recurring payments, there isn’t a set way to do this. However, you can speed up the process by saving your details with the casino you use. After making an initial deposit using Boku, you can choose to save your phone number. The next time you come to make a payment, you can simply hit the “deposit” button and you’ll receive the necessary text within seconds.

Know You to Track Your Transactions

As noted in the above tip, you can keep tabs on your deposits via the Boku system or through a mobile app linked to your mobile account. Another way to monitor your spending is to look at the cashier page on your chosen casino. All the top Boku casinos will keep a record of your deposit and withdrawals and list them in a handy table on your account page. Use all of these resources to ensure you never spend more than you can afford.

Know When to Stop

If you ever lose your mobile, someone hacks into your casino account or you simply want to stop using Boku, your mobile carrier is the organisation to contact. Phoning the customer service team will allow you to block all Boku payments so that this method is restricted on your account regardless of the mobile device you’re using i.e. your number is essentially blacklisted.

Know When to Deposit

Just because an online casino offers Boku deposits, it doesn’t mean you should dive straight into the action. Make sure you consider all the features a platform offers using our casino reviews. One of the most import points you need to consider is the amount of money you can get via a bonus. Now, the important thing to remember here is that Boku deposits have an upper limit of £30.

Based on the traditional 100% or 200% deposit multiplier dynamic you’ll find online, £30 doesn’t allow you to receive a ton of bonus cash. Because of this, you should look for a site that offers additional deposit bonuses for Boku users. Put simply, you should use one payment option to claim a casino’s main welcome reward and then look to secure a separate deal using Boku.

Know When to Stay Safe

Although Boku’s system is safe by design, it doesn’t hurt to stay vigilant. One of the obvious safety tips is to keep your mobile safe at all times using passcodes, TouchID or FaceID if you have the latest smartphones. Using these feature gives you peace of mind that if you lose your device, someone couldn’t get into it. Sure, they may eventually find a way to get in, but you can contact your mobile network provider and have the phone disabled and tracked before that happens. On top of this, make sure your casino account is password protected and, if possible secured with Google Two-Factor Authentication. If you use both of these, you shouldn’t have to worry about your Boku deposits falling into the wrong hands.

Boku Casino Deposits FAQ

If you ever find yourself unsure of how to use Boku, here are some common questions and answers you can use to get yourself out of a jam:

Can I use Boku at every UK online casino? At this time, no. However, if you check out our casino reviews, you’ll find quick links to the best sites offering this payment method.

Can everyone use Boku? If you own a mobile device with a working phone connection, the answer is yes. Those with a mobile contract can charge deposits to their monthly bill. Pay as you go users can deduct deposits from their available credit.

Is Boku safe? Extremely. Aside from having no connection to your bank account, deposits are limited to £30 and, what’s more, you can track all payments and even put a block on the system via your mobile carrier.

Can I use other payment methods at the same time as Boku? Yes. All the best online casinos will allow you to make deposits using a variety of methods.

Can I make withdrawals using Boku? No. Boku is a deposit-only method, so you can’t use this to claim your winnings.

Do I need to create an account with Boku? No. In simple terms, Boku’s software links into a casino’s mainframe. When you create an account with the casino of your choice, you automatically become eligible to make Boku deposits.

What happens if I hit my deposit limit? The maximum daily deposit limit of £30 is there to protect you. Although this might be frustrating when you hit the limit, it’s important to remember it’s there for your benefit and can’t be lifted without prior consultation.

How will I know if my deposit has been processed? In order for a Boku casino deposit to be processed, you need to confirm it via SMS text message. When you receive a message detailing the transaction, you will know that it’s been processed.

What if I don’t receive a text message? Make sure you have a signal and that your inbox isn’t full. It’s often the case that one or both of these things stop a message coming through.

What happens if my deposit doesn’t show in my account? In the event that you confirm a payment and it doesn’t appear in your casino account, the chances are that a temporary network error has occurred. In these instances, both the casino and your mobile provider will have record of the transaction if it was completed successfully. When this happens, the money will be credited in due course. If there isn’t a record of the transaction, it means it wasn’t completed and you won’t be charged.

Boku Is A Safe Bet For Casino Players

As you can see, the process of making a Boku casino deposit is extremely simple. Indeed, you can either choose to go through the steps listed in the previous section every time or, at casinos using Boku Direct, you can skip the part where you enter your phone number.

Whichever system you choose, Boku is highly efficient and, importantly, it’s highly secure. Because you’re not inputting any personal information or bank details, you’re making it harder for someone to commit fraud against. For every casino player, regardless of their experience level, this is a huge positive.