What Is Siru Mobile?

Siru is a simple way to pay by invoice, through your phone bill. Rather than paying for an online transaction through a credit or debit card, Siru allows you to add the transaction on to your next mobile phone bill, collected by direct debit automatically in the vast majority of cases.

Siru is already supported by a growing band of online merchants, who benefit from the flexibility in payment this option affords their customers. For customers, whether you’re buying a gift online, or making a deposit into your Siru-supported casino account, it’s straightforward to send the payment by Siru now, and pick up the tab later.

In order to setup your billing, you make a single phone call to validate your device. From there, you should be able to pay with Siru at any merchant setup to accept payments through their systems.

Who Can Use Siru Mobile?

Siru is incredibly flexible and it’s open to everyone – you don’t even need a smartphone in order to pay, with tablet and desktop billing options available. All you need is a contract with any of the leading mobile operators in the UK, like 3, O2, EE or Vodafone. Once your device is setup for the first time, a process that takes place over the course of a single phone call, you’re ready to go.

Actually making a payment through Siru couldn’t be simpler – it’s actually easier than making a casino deposit using PayPal. As you’re about to make your deposit or complete a transaction, select Siru as the payment method, confirm the amount, and your transaction will be immediately processed. Payment is then collected with your usual direct debit for your monthly phone or data contract, and remitted to the merchant from there.

As long as you live in the UK or one of the countries in which Siru operates, and you have a contract agreement in place with one of the major phone and data providers, you’re able to take full advantage of Siru for casino deposits and a range of other online transactions.

Deposit, Withdrawals, Fees And Limits

There’s no need to deposit money into your Siru account, because any billing is charged straight to your phone bill. In fact, there’s no need to even set up an account at all – with Siru, all you need is the phone number and a validated device.

Unlike an e-wallet, there’s no need to login or manage payment methods. Any transactions you make essentially use your phone bill as an interest-free credit line, which you pay off with your next monthly bill payment as normal.

Fees are charged, including for the cost of the calls you make to Siru. These are added to the payment deducted from your bill. It is not possible to withdraw to Siru, but you can login to MySiru to track recent payments sent from your number.

There are limits in place, with £60 the maximum single transaction that can be sent through Siru, with a maximum limit of £300 per 30 days. These limits might be increased in future, but for the time being, should provide players with enough flexibility to make casino deposits by mobile as necessary.

How To Setup A Siru Account

There’s no need to setup a Siru account to send a payment. In fact, as long as you’re able to receive SMS messages, and you have a mobile or data contract with one of the big phone companies, you’re golden. That’s because Siru doesn’t care about your bank account or card details, only the phone number attached to your device. This is how they apply any charges run up on your account, so getting started couldn’t be easier.

It is possible to create an account in order to check your payment activity, thanks to their MySiru service. You can generate credentials from the MySiru website by entering your phone number and receiving an SMS, which enables you to see at a glance any payments that have been sent through your mobile account. Because you’re protected by the SMS lock, only someone with access to your device can check your Siru activity – another solid layer of protection against hacking and fraud.

To get setup with Siru, you’ll need to firstly validate your device. This is done with an SMS code sent to your device. You’ll then need to make a phone call ahead of your first transaction with this code in order to validate your payment device. Once validated, you’re free to use your device within the limits specified for sending payments, including instant deposits to your casino account.

Siru Advantages & Disadvantages


Easy: It’s straightforward to send payments by Siru. Put your bank card away – as long as your mobile number is setup to deposit by Siru, you’re good to go.

Quick: Transactions reflect instantly on the merchant side, so it feels even quicker than making a payment by debit card or an e-wallet – ideal for anyone in a hurry.

Flexible: There’s no need to carry your cards around with you, or to remember passwords and login credentials. If you’ve got your phone number, you’re able to send payments whenever and wherever they are accepted.

Buy Now, Pay Later: Because Siru is a pay-on-invoice model, you don’t pay until your next mobile phone bill comes through. This is doubly convenient for those who pay their phone bill by direct debit, because you don’t ever have to worry about the transaction again.

Safe & Secure: Tied to your phone rather than your bank account, it’s incredibly safe and secure to use Siru. Arguably, the security in place makes Siru and mobile payments even more secure than e-wallet transactions.


First Time Validation: The first time validation process takes a couple of steps, although the instructions are simple to follow. Once you’ve completed this once, ahead of your first Siru payment, it should never be a problem for that device/phone number again.

Variable Costs: Costs are specified with each transaction, depending on the type of payment service you are using. There are costs to deposit, including the costs of SMS and phone verification with Siru, which are added to your bill.

Tight Limits for Some Players: The £60 per transaction limit will be tight for some players, as with the £300 monthly limit.

Safety & Security

Siru is completely safe and secure, and arguably even more so than your standard payment wallet. For starters, the limits in place of just £60 per transaction limit the value of any potential theft. Then there are the in-built security measures, designed to detect and block any suspicious transactions – developed to protect merchants, as well as users. These are amongst the most high-tech fraud prevention mechanisms in the payment industry, and a large part of why Siru has become a trusted name in the payments sector.

Then there’s the fact that all payments are handled through Siru as an intermediary, and your mobile phone provider – your bank account details never change hands, which keeps you even more secure than sending other types of payments online. And in the unlikely event of an unauthorised transaction, you have both Siru and your mobile phone operator to reverse the fraud.

Siru Mobile’s reputation as a payment provider depends on their ability to maintain safe, secure systems. Thanks to the unique structure of their mobile payments, there’s absolutely no threat to your money, or your personal information, from sending casino deposits by Siru.


Siru is part of a new wave of payment providers, turning to pay-by-invoice on mobile as a faster, secure alternative to paying by e-wallets or credit and debit cards. While Siru is used by a wide and growing range of merchants, it is perhaps at its most convenient in online gaming and casino deposits.

There’s no deposit time involved, and any funds sent by Siru will instantly reflect in your casino balance. While there are fees involved in sending the payment, and in verifying your device with Siru in the first place, these are manageable in the context of the convenience and flexibility of payments through the service.

Siru is appearing at an increasing number of UK casinos, and has already proved popular with players nationwide. For small deposits up to £60, or up to the threshold of £300 per month, their platform is one of the most convenient ways to send and keep track of your online casino deposits.