How To Play Real Money Games

Just like your local land-based casinos, online casinos offer players the chance to bet real money, in exchange for a chance of winning something bigger. In the online world, these games are often based on software, like video games, which render a life-like casino setting while replicating the mechanics of the game you’re trying to play. More recently, it’s now possible to play live dealer games for real money, which link online players to a real human dealer by video stream.

Real money games are great because they’re just like the real thing, with the same opportunities to win big – but crucially, you don’t have to actually visit a casino to win your fortune. Not only is this easier and quicker, but also means there’s no intimidating first-trip to a land-based casino.

Which Real Money Games Can I Play?

Each casino has its own specific lineup of games, and these will vary between different casino sites. On the whole, the main variations tend to come in the exact version of each game, or in the software developers behind each title. Generally, there are a few main games you can expect to find, which operate on much the same rules as they would in any land-based casino.


Slot machines are the most numerous and the most popular game of choice in online casinos. They’re a good starting point for new players, because there’s minimal skill involved – you simply set your wager, spin it out, and hope to land winning combinations for payouts along the way.

Jackpot Slots

Aside from your regular slot machines, you’ll also find jackpot slots, so-called because they link up multiple different slots games to offer huge, progressive jackpots. These can run into the hundreds of thousands, sometimes even into the millions, so they’re understandably a big draw. While they do existing in land-based casinos, there are more of these big money games to be found at leading online casinos, including those we specifically recommend to new players.


A casino classic, roulette is probably one of the first games that comes to mind when you think of playing at a casino. Place your bets, spin the wheel, and cross your fingers – when the ball lands, you’ll get a payout if you’ve covered the result with your bets.


The same applies with blackjack, the most popular of the skill-based games to be played at real money casinos online. Again, numerous different variations exist, including multihand, VIP blackjack, live dealer blackjack and more. With perfect basic strategy, you can bring the house edge to near zero in some instances, giving you a competitive chance of winning against the house.

Other Games

You’ll also find a host of other games, like baccarat, video poker, sic bo, keno, bingo and craps. The exact selection of these and the number of each game available depends on which of our recommended casino sites you’re choosing, but these are amongst the most common ‘best of the rest’ you can expect to find online.

Real Money Casinos Vs. Free Play

Each of these games is available online in a number of different versions and variations. But perhaps one of the most common dividing lines is whether you’re playing free play, or for real money.

Free play gaming exists just for fun, or as a demo of what you can expect from the real money game. These are games where you play through as you normally would, except there’s no money on the line. You’re not betting a penny to play these games, and you’re not winning anything either – it’s all for virtual points, like any other standard video game.

It’s often a good idea to try out different games in free play first, to get a feel for the game settings and how it all works. From there, you can switch up to playing for real money. Simply deposit funds to your casino account through any of the commonly supported payment methods, like credit/debit cards or e-wallets, and choose how much you want to bet.

The gameplay is identical in real money mode – the only difference is that you’re open to win and lose real money when you play these games.

Risks & Safety

Whenever real money is involved online, it’s always worth a pause for thought about safety. Savvy people tend to be more wary when their spending money online than in the real world, and with good reason – not every operator out there is a friendly face. However, with some best practice tips, it’s straightforward enough to ensure you’re getting a fair game at all times, and that you’re playing in a safe, secure online environment.

The casinos we recommended are trusted, respected operators – often large companies, traded on stock markets, and subject to licensing laws and restrictions. These operators team up with some of the biggest names from the financial world like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, to provide 100% secure and safe payments. If they are a step out of line, regulators can and do clamp down on them, often with large fines and other penalties.

As a rule of thumb, don’t play unless you know you can 100% trust the casino you’ve chosen – that’s why we go to such lengths to vet, verify and review the casinos we choose to recommend.

How To Get A Real Money Bonus

Typically, there are two main types of real money bonuses available – sign-up, or matched deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. In the first case, casinos will offer an amount of bonus credit, for example £100. But that amount is only triggered when players deposit £100 in their new account as their first deposit – this is known as a 100% deposit match bonus. The bonus credit is added to your account once you’ve met the qualifying conditions with your deposit, giving you £200 to play with in this example. Not a bad start to a new casino account!

The second type of bonus is the no deposit bonus – and as the name suggests, there’s no deposit necessary to trigger these. No deposit bonuses are awarded simply for creating an account, and can often be combined with deposit bonuses when you’re ready to load your first real money funds. These tend to be much smaller, e.g. £5, and much more restrictive – but it’s still free bonus credit to allow you to try out different casinos.

These offers always have strings attached, found in the terms and conditions. But depending on which bonus offer you choose, they can still be a nice way to pick up some free bonus credit to get you started.

Real Money Payouts And Jackpots

Obviously, the main point of playing for real money is to get the chance to win real money – and hopefully, with any luck, to land yourself a jackpot. Payouts come when you succeed in your betting outcomes, and will be paid directly into your casino account. From there, you’re able to withdraw your money according to the withdrawal rules and processing structures at the casino you’ve chosen.

It’s important to note here that when you’re playing for real money, you’ll need to verify your ID before you can successfully withdrawfrom your account. You’ll also be subject to withdrawal restrictions, which might mean any jackpots you win have to be paid in installments. A nice problem to have, you might think – but depending on how much you win, this can delay the process of getting your hands on your winnings.

Deposit & Withdrawal In Real Money Casinos

Making a deposit in your casino account is simple:

  1. Sign up for an account at one of our recommended casinos.
  2. Head over to the banking option, often under ‘My Account’.
  3. Choose your payment method from the options presented.
  4. Choose your deposit amount – is there a deposit match bonus? Make sure you deposit for the maximum bonus if you want to take full advantage.
  5. Wait for confirmation of the funds showing in your account.

The most common payment methods accepted include Visa and Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, and sometimes PayPal. Some players also choose to deposit by Paysafecard, by bank transfer for larger deposits, or by phone bill for instantness & convenience.

Making a withdrawal is equally straightforward:

  1. Check the terms and conditions – do you qualify for a withdrawal yet?
  2. Head back to the banking section under My Account.
  3. Select ‘withdrawal’ and choose your preferred method.
  4. Enter your amount and confirm the withdrawal.
  5. Verify ID if requested. You may have to contact support.
  6. Allow sufficient processing time for cleared payment to arrive in your account.

It’s worth reiterating that there are specific terms and conditions attached to withdrawals, often to do with anti-money laundering and other regulations. You should consult these before withdrawing, especially if you’re claiming a bonus offer or promotion, as these can impact on when and how much you are allowed to withdraw.

Where Can I Play Online Casino Games For Real Money?

Online casino gambling is legal in a number of countries worldwide. It’s up to you to confirm your own local laws, but generally, the following is a list of the biggest markets for online gaming.

UK: Regulated by the highly respected Gambling Commission, the UK allows legal online and offline gambling, with restrictions in place for operators.

Canada: While there are plenty of online casinos willing to accept Canadians, the situation for Canadian players is largely unregulated. Regulations are set by each province according to local interests, and while there are some offline regulated operators, it’s a more difficult issue for online play.

US: New Jersey and Delaware are among the very few states to offer licensed online gambling. Americans can still find plenty of casinos willing to accept their business, but must operate under the same buyer-beware restrictions as other jurisdictions without regulation for online casinos. The US situation of blanket illegal online gambling, often considered an anomaly from a European and Asian perspective, does however appear to be trending towards a more liberal stance with more and mnore states looking to regulare poker and with sports betting on the verge of being legalized.


While some players enjoy the thrill of playing casino games just for fun, most prefer to get involved with real money. This makes for an altogether more exhilarating offering – provided, of course, you’re gambling responsibly. With so many great real money casinos to choose from, and a market that is getting better all the time, there’s never been a better time to play online casino games to win real currency.