Deal Or No Deal Slots Guide: Putting The Banker In A Spin

Deal Or No Deal: The Basics

If you’ve never seen Deal or No Deal on TV, the premise is simple: one player opens random boxes in search of a cash prize worth up to £250,000. To break it down, each game starts with the player selecting a box at random. This becomes their box throughout the game and remains untouched as they go through the process of opening the 25 remaining boxes. Each box contains a cash prize and whenever its opened, the prize instead is eliminated from the game.

At set points during the show, the Banker will make the player an offer to end the selection process early. If they accept the offer, the money is theirs to keep. If the player declines every offer, play stops when two boxes remain. At this point, they can choose to take what’s in their box or swap it for the one in open play. Eventually, the player either takes the banker’s offer and waits to see what their own box would have been worth. Or, when two boxes remain, they take whatever prize is contained in the box they hold.

The Growth of Deal or No Deal Slots Online…

Since the show went live in 2000, it’s become an international hit with versions airing in the UK, US, Australia and beyond. Given the immense popularity of Deal or No Deal, it’s hardly surprising that online casino developers have taken the format and spun it into a series of slots. Today, you can play Deal or No Deal slots for free or real money at a variety of leading casino sites. What’s great about these games is that the premise that made the gameshow popular is also present when you spin.

For example, if you played the Deal or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches, you’ll get to spin five reels and 20 paylines in the same way you would any other online slot. However, in between playing for prizes worth up to 2,500X, there are bonus games where you get to open mystery boxes in search of additional wins. In fact, by rolling in three or more scatters, you get to play the same of Deal or No Deal game you’ll see on TV.

In essence, Deal or No Deal online fruit machines are two games in one. In the first instance, you’ll get to play for fixed prizes in the same way you would with any other slot game. However, as an extra layer of excitement, each Deal or No Deal slot features interactive bonuses where opening boxes is the name of the game.

The Deal Or No Deal Fruit Machine Franchise

When scroll through our list of recommended UK casino sites, there are multiple Deal or No Deal slots for you to choose from. As we’ve said, the games are based on the mystery box premise. However, each one has its own unique angle…

Deal or No Deal Slot

The original DOND slot, this game has a 90.2% RTP, five reels and 20 paylines. In terms of fixed wins, there is a 40,000-coin jackpot. However, this spinner’s real selling point is its progressive jackpot. By rolling in three bonus symbols, you’ll get to open 15 sealed boxes containing 11 prizes. Each time you reveal a prize, it’s added to your balance. Once you find an empty box, the round is over.

Deal or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches

As we’ve mentioned, this Deal or No Deal casino game is all about progressive payouts. Unlike the standard Deal or No Deal slot that offers a single jackpot, this version has three. To play the bonus game, all you have to do is roll in three, four or five scatters and choose the right box. In addition to banking fixed wins during the jackpot game, you can also find a progressive jackpot symbol and win upwards of £100,000!

Deal or No Deal: What’s In Your Box

This five-reel, 20-payline variant has an RTP of 92.6%. Of all the Deal or No Deal slot machines online, this one is the most bonus-heavy. Indeed, if you roll in the right combination of symbols, you’ll get open a box and revel one of five mini-games, including:

  • Go All the Way: During this bonus game, you’ll choose either a red or a blue box to move you up the prize board until you collect a cash reward.
  • Trail of Wealth: A board-game bonus where you roll dice and collect prizes as you move.
  • Seal of Success: A ‘free’ spins round where you can unseal envelops to boost your payouts.
  • Power Play Free Spins: Another ‘free’ spins bonus, this time you get 10 gratis turns and enhanced reels.
  • Deal or No Deal Feature: Often the most lucrative bonus, this round sees the Banker’s Bonus Spin come into play and give you the chance to add wilds and 3X3 colossal symbols to the reels, all of which help you win more money.

Deal or No Deal: World Slot

The final Deal or No Deal fruit machine that’s popular online is World Slot. When you spin this game’s five reels and 20 paylines, its defining features are the three bonus rounds. The first is the Banker’s Bonus which triggers a cycle of spins that don’t stop until the Banker symbol appears on the central reel. The second feature is the Banker’s Best Offer Bonus where you’ll receive up to ten random cash offers. Finally, the Deal or No Deal game allows you to open boxes in search of a jackpot payout.

In Focus – Deal Or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches

5 Reels * 3 Rows
Up to 95.21%
Min. / Max. Bet
£0.01 / 100
Max. Win
2500 Coins
Bonus Rounds
3 Bonus Games
3 Jackpots
Scatter Symbol
The Black Phone

Of all the real money Deal or No Deal slots out there, The Banker’s Riches is one of the most impressive. Although other titles are great in terms of bonus potential, few can match this game when it comes to jackpots. Indeed, as we’ve mentioned, activate are three progressive payouts hidden inside three safes. To unlock this feature, you need to be playing the maximum number of paylines (20). Once you’ve done that, three or more telephones start the jackpot game and bring into view 26 random boxes.

From this point on, the action follows the same pattern as the gameshow. In other words, you’ll choose your own box and then make six initial picks. An offer from the Banker will follow and you’ll continue to play until you accept a deal or have two boxes remaining. At any point in the game, you can unlock one of the three progressive jackpots. However, even if you don’t, there are plenty of fixed prizes to collect.

For us, this slot stands out because it’s so close to the original gameshow in terms of action. Although there are two smaller bonuses, the main feature is the mystery pick’em round that’s an exact copy of the TV show. Another reason Deal or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches is popular is thanks to its simplicity. Instead of flooding the interface with images and animations, everything is refined. The benefit of this is that it’s easier to play via your smartphone or tablet.

Deal or No Deal: The Banker’s Riches Paytable

Finally, the RTP is 95.06% and you can spin from as little as £0.01. Compared to other games within the franchise, that’s a fantastic risk/reward ratio. Of course, this isn’t to say other DOND online fruit machines aren’t entertaining and potentially lucrative. However, in terms of accessibility, simplicity and payout potential, The Banker’s Riches is the leading game in the series

Play Deal Or No Deal Slot Games For Free

As well as playing Deal or No Deal slot games for real money, there are plenty of free play options out there. To turn the reels and beat the Banker without spending a penny, you can do one of the following things:

Play Practice Slots: Inside the best online casinos, you’ll have the option to play Deal or No Deal for free using practice slots. These games look and feel the same as their real money counterparts. The only difference is that you’ll be betting with virtual credits instead of cash. Naturally, the caveat here is that the prizes will be paid out in virtual credits. What’s more, there aren’t any practice versions of progressive jackpot games. However, the upside is that you can get a feel for what a game has to offer without risking your bankroll. This not only allows you to find out what you like and what you don’t like, it gives you the opportunity to test out some Deal or No Deal slots cheats.

Play With Free Spins: Many of the leading casino operators will give you ‘free’ spins as part of a welcome package. Whether it’s a no deposit bonus or a deposit reward, the gratis turns allow you to play for real prizes without the expense. As with all online casino bonuses, you will have to meet some sort of wagering target in order to release your ‘free’ funds. In practice, this means making a deposit and staking a certain amount of your own money. However, before that happens, you will get to play and win real money when you use Deal or No Deal ‘free’ spins bonuses.

Deal Or No Deal Slots Tips

Before you head off in try the best Deal or No Deal casino games for yourself, we want to leave you with a few tips. Although we’ve called them Deal or No Deal slots cheats, they aren’t cheating in the negative sense. In reality, they’re nuggets of advice you can use to guide your play…

Bet Within Your Budget

Don’t spend more than you can afford. This true when you’re playing Deal or No Deal slots online or any other casino game. As a general rule, you should take no more than 3% of your total bankroll into a game.

Put a Time Limit on Your Sessions

The attention span of the average person is 20 minutes. Use this to guide your sessions. Although you can play for longer, you run the risk of losing focus and making mistakes. Therefore, if you’re going to play, do it in short bursts to maximise your potential.

Consider Each Offer Carefully

Perhaps the most important Deal or No Deal slots cheat you can embrace is timing. Unlike other online slots, this game has a true element of skill and that’s knowing when to accept and offer and when to play on. Although each scenario will be different, you should study each variable before sticking or twisting. By weighing up the value of an offer compared to the prizes that are left, you should be able to improve your long-term EV.

Beat The Banker: Play Deal Or No Deal Slots Today

In simple terms, if you’re looking for an online slot that combines skill, timing, entertainment and mega jackpots, look no further than the Deal or No Deal franchise. By taking the core elements of a super-successful TV show and fusing them with the casino world’s best bits, developers have created a truly unique selection of slots. Regardless of whether you’re a novice looking to play for free or a real-money spinner, this series has something for everyone. So, if you’re ready to beat the banker and have some fun, make sure you check out our recommended casino sites for instant access to the best Deal or No Deal slots in the business.