What Is Payforit And Where To Use It

Payforit was created by major phone networks (circa 2007) to enable fast online payments using a mobile phone. Its forerunner was Simpay, which was formed around 2003. The most important thing to understand about Payforit is that it is not an independent internet wallet such as PayPal or Neteller, nor is it a branded payment method like Apple Pay. Payforit is better termed as a concept or set of guidelines.

Basically, it is a collaboration between mobile network operators to allow people to pay for things with their phone. It was conceived to make low-cost purchases fast and simple. Say, for example, you wanted to buy a 99p app from iTunes but didn’t want to go to the bother of adding your card details, such as your name and address. Payforit solves that problem by letting you pay with your mobile phone network. The cost of the transaction will be added to your next phone bill or debited from your phone credit.

Payforit is becoming more and more popular as a payment method in the UK, especially with low-cost purchases like apps or competition entries etc, but the concept is used widely around the world as well. It is particularly useful in developing nations, in places where its users may not have access to an online bank account or credit card.

Safety And Protection

Using Payforit, casinos offers two levels of security: your phone and your (online casino) account. You will not need to enter credit/debit card details – nor any other information about yourself – to make the transaction. For this reason, Payforit is seen as an ultra-safe means of depositing at an online casino.

When you buy something using Payforit, your contract is with the company that you are buying from rather than with Payforit. In that respect, if there is a problem with the transaction you will have to contact the online casino or other merchant. The same goes for your mobile operator – under most circumstances, they will not refund Payforit transactions – unless they have been at fault.

There are safeguards in place for those using Payforit, with the process for complaints and disputes as follows:

  • If there is a problem with the purchase, contact the seller first. Companies that use Payforit are required to provide a customer service number on the receipt (sent by SMS to your phone).
  • If your problem has not been resolved, you must then escalate the issue by contacting your mobile phone provider.
  • If that has not yielded satisfactory results, you should contact the PSA (Phone-paid Service Authority).


Casinos that accept Payforit must first register with Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA). PSA is a UK regulator, formerly known as PhonepayPlus, which operates a code of practice approved by Ofcom. In short, they are a regulatory body/watchdog set up to ensure payments using mobile phones are fair.


Ofcom (Office of Communications) is the UK regulatory body for all communications services in the UK, covering everything from posting letters to mobile phone bills. Ofcom would have oversight over the PSA and is essentially the top watchdog over the communications industry throughout the UK.


AIMM (Association for Interactive Media and Micropayments) is the trade and regulatory association that represents the interests of entertainment/media companies. In this instance, these are the companies from which you are purchasing something using Payforit. They lobby for the industry, but also set rules and standards for their members to abide by.

While most players looking for the best Payforit online casinos will not care too much about Ofcom, PSA or AIME, it simply serves to highlight that there is scrutiny over your mobile phone payments, i.e. organisations that are working to ensure that the process is safe. These will offer you options for resolution if you cannot solve a dispute with the seller.

Payforit Deposit Limits At UK Online Casinos

It is also important for online or mobile casino players in the UK to know that Payforit comes with its own safeguards in terms of deposit limits. At the moment, there is a £30 cap per day on using Payforit and a £50 (in most cases) limit per month. This means that using Payforit may not be the right choice for high-roller casino players but offers several advantages for players who like to keep their casino spending under control or otherwise to a minimum.

However, it is possible to raise your Payforit limits should you wish to play with a bigger bankroll. You can do this by contacting your mobile network provider and requesting a larger limit, although you must have a proven track record of paying your bills on time etc to get approval.

Who Can Use Payforit

Anyone with a mobile phone can use Payforit. It does not need to be a smartphone either – you can use it as long as you are serviced by a UK network. These include O2, Vodafone, BT, EE and 3, but even budget UK mobile providers like Tesco are represented, as well as some virtual networks like Virgin and Lebara.

The simple rule is that you need a mobile number and credit to use Payforit. Obviously, there will be a difference when using a smartphone and a basic mobile phone. If using the former, the Payforit transaction can usually be completed with the click of a button. If using the latter (you will likely be using a desktop casino with Payforit options), you will receive a code by SMS to enter.

How To Use Payforit

  1. Go to the cashier / deposit page for your online casino / mobile casino. Choose the relevant option. This could be something like pay by mobile, phone pay or pay by SMS.
  2. Once linked to the Payforit page, you will be asked to confirm the purchase/casino deposit.
  3. If you are using mobile data, your details should be automatically recognised by the Payforit flow.
  4. If you are using mobile WIFI, you may be required to enter your mobile number. If you are using a desktop computer, you will be required to enter your mobile number.
  5. Once you confirm, a text is usually sent to your mobile phone. You may be obliged to reply to the text (for free) – simply typing (y) to confirm or (n) for no, in the unlikely event you did not authorise the transaction or have changed your mind. Your balance will be updated in your online casino account.
  6. A receipt (by text message) is required to be sent by the online casino. This will include contact details (both a URL and phone number) should there be any issue with your transaction.

Note: The above structure can change depending on the casino you are using, but the steps will be more or less similar to that described.

Payment Intermediaries

Don’t worry if you do not see a Payforit logo when you are making a mobile phone deposit at an online casino. As has been stressed several times, Payforit should be regarded as a concept rather than a company. You may come across different logos of mobile phone payment processors who are contracted between the seller (online casinos that use Payforit) and the mobile phone network to facilitate the transaction. These are termed payment intermediaries, i.e. they process the transaction. Some accredited Payforit intermediaries that you may see at an online casino or other seller include:

Solving Issues With Payforit

As mentioned, Payforit is a concept rather than an entity. However, this does not mean that you do not have all the standard rights as you would when using a credit card or other means of payment.

So, what can go wrong? Well, the first problem you could encounter is that you made a mistake with your Payforit casino mobile deposit. Perhaps you deposited too much by mistake? You should treat it in the same manner as a mistake by depositing by credit card or other means. If you cannot withdraw the money to your bank account, contact casino customer services to see if they can help. It must be stressed, however, how unlikely the above scenario is for two reasons:

  • The deposit amount will be displayed before you confirm.
  • The standard deposit minimum at a UK Payforit casino will be around £10 or £20. The maximum deposit amount for using Payforit is £30, so it is not as if you will suddenly deposit £3000 by mistake.

The other side of things, then, is that you may have been charged for a Payforit transaction that you did not authorise. In this case, you should contact (in this order if no resolution has been achieved along the way) the seller, your mobile network and last the PSA.

One other issue that may arise is that you could receive marketing text messages after making a Payforit transaction. Sellers are required by PSA guidelines to cease sending messages if you reply with the command STOP. Should you not wish to receive messages from Payforit, let them know, and they should cease shortly.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Is it better to use Payforit at an online casino rather than other methods like PayPal or VISA? A case can be argued for each method, but there are certainly some advantages to paying by mobile.

Advantages of using Payforit payments include:

Speed and security.

Designed to work well with mobile casinos.

No need to enter unnecessary details which gives a level of anonymity.

Low deposit limits mean you can automatically control spending.

Payment is effectively delayed for up to a few weeks if you are on a Pay Monthly mobile contract.

A list of disadvantages of using Payforit payments include:

Relatively small deposit limits may not suit high-rollers.

Casino winnings will need a different method for withdrawal.


Paying for items by mobile phone is already starting to displace credit and debit cards in countires like China and other parts of the world. It is only natural that online casinos / mobile casinos offer players the option of using Payforit. It is, above all, a very safe method of depositing, one which gives you greater control over your spending limits.

The way things are going with mobile technology, it is not inconceivable that in the future we will see things such as Payforit slots, where each spin is charged to your mobile. For the moment, however, the recommended Payforit casinos offer secure deposits with more anonymity and a brilliant range of games and promotions.