What Are Monopoly Slots?

As you’d expect, all Monopoly online slots are based on the original board game. This means you’ll see various incarnations of the Mr Monopoly (formerly Rich Uncle Pennybags), the famous boot and the ever-popular community chest cards. However, what these video slots also do is fuse style and substance. What we mean by this is that the symbols and animations aren’t just there to look pretty. To ensure there is more than a tacit link to the original, the developers at SGI have created various mini-games that take inspiration from the board game itself.

For example, when you play the Monopoly: Big Event slot game, the bonus rounds requires you to find houses and hotels. Like the board game, your aim is to match properties on coloured locations. Then, based on the desirability of the streets you own, you’ll win a prize. Similarly, if you look at the recently released Monopoly social slot game, there’s a whole storyline for you to engage in. Released in July 2018, the free-play mobile game allows players to construct train stations, complete various property-based missions and even host concerts, all while spinning for prizes.

Of course, the best Monopoly slots online aren’t simply a knockoff of the original. As well as bringing some diversity to the franchise, the top titles feature familiar casino settings. Again, if we go back to Monopoly: Big Event, card symbols sit alongside the Monopoly trinkets to unlock prizes when you match three or more. Additionally, you’ll find wilds, scatters, multiple paylines and even a “big bet” feature that takes your RTP to 99%.

Essentially, what you’re getting when you play the best Monopoly slots is a combination of old and new. For board game enthusiasts, all the classic features are in play. From the process of building houses to collecting rent and avoiding jail. For iGaming fans, paylines, bonus rounds and, of course, generous jackpots are also part of the mix. When you piece all of these elements together, you get a collection of video slots that are both entertaining and potentially lucrative.

The Best Monopoly Slots Online

To give you a better idea of what the best Monopoly slots look like in practice, we’ve picked out six top titles. Each developed by SGI and its associated design studios, these virtual spinners epitomise why Monopoly and casino gaming are a perfect match.

Monopoly: Big Event Slot Review

We’ve already spoken about this game earlier in our Monopoly slot game guide, but let’s delve a littler deeper into its mechanics. Firstly, this game features five reels and 20 paylines. For that, you get to spin the reels is for at little as £0.01 or as much as £25 per line. In real terms, that means you can bet between £0.20 and £500 in an effort to unlock prizes ranging from 10X to 2,000X your line bet.

While that’s all well and good, Monopoly slots need a little bit more to make them stand out from the crowd. This game does this in two ways. In terms of bonuses, the dancing wilds will randomly flit across the screen and turn as many non-winning combos into payouts as possible. Additionally, if you roll in three or more “big event” symbols, you’ll unlock the house building game we referenced earlier.

If that’s not enough, you can play the big bet game. As you’d expect, this means you have to pay slightly more per spin. However, if you’re willing to do that, you’ll unlock a progressive win multiplier and the chance to spin the bonus wheel. Taken as a collective, these special features take your RTP to an impressive 99%. When you combine this with the inherent appeal of Monopoly, you get a slot that’s exciting and capable of releasing prizes worth up to £250,000!

Monopoly: Bring the House Down Slot Review

Bringing down the house is a common phrase in the gaming world, but it also ties in neatly with the property theme that runs through core of Monopoly. In terms of the basics, Monopoly: Bringing Down the House slots feature five reels, 40 paylines and minimum bets starting at £0.10. Again, the theme is Monopoly, which means you’ll see dogs, ships, boots and the familiar board game in the background. However, the reason this spinner shines is its bonuses rounds.

Acting as a compliment to the 200X jackpot are three special features. The first is the big bet option that’s common across the SGI Monopoly franchise. Alongside the big bet, wilds (the house symbol) have the power to create “hot zones”. By spinning into view, these symbols will turn into hotels that have the power to multiply your wins by 5X. Finally, just to make things even more interesting, three additional bonuses can be triggered at random. Each mini-game involves some sort of selection process that results in reels turning wild and nothing turning into something.

Epic Monopoly II Slot Review

The first slot under the spotlight is Epic Monopoly II. Designed by SGI’s WMS and boasting an RTP 96.01%, this is a video slot with a difference. The first thing you’ll notice when you ante-up is the design. Instead of on set of reels, you’ll have access to a dual set-up. This two-board design is known as Colossal Reels and it basically gives you more ways to win. Put simply, when you pay at least £0.50, you’ll spin two boards each containing five reels. The first board is fairly traditional in the fact there are four rows.

However, the second is a lot different. By our calculations, there are 12 rows. When you take these two boards in unison, you’ll have 100 active paylines. In line with this unique structure, Epic Monopoly II also features oversized symbols. Available on the second board, these special icons cover two or more rows and help create a greater number of combinations which, in turn, leads better payouts. Finally, when you add in some stacked wilds, you’ve got a slot that looks great, is filled with potential and has payouts worth up to 100X your bet.

Monopoly: Mega Movers Slot Review

If Once Around Monopoly is the best approximation of the original board game, Monopoly: Mega Movers could be the most innovative title in the series. When you load up the software, you’ll notice there’s something about this video slot. On a basic level, the five reels and 30 paylines are fairly standard. However, when you look above the reels, there are three spinning wheels. Each containing a selection of special prizes, these wheels are the key to winning upwards of 2,000X your bet when you play Monopoly: Mega Movers.

As you spin, a background symbol can appear at random. We’ve called it the background symbol because it blends in with the main interface. Any time three appear in view, you’ll get the chance to spin the “three in a row” bonus wheel. Much like the Wheel of Fortune, this disc contains a selection of prizes, including: wild spins, ‘free’ spins and a minor jackpot. Additionally, you also have the ability to upgrade to the next wheel.

Similarly, if you roll in four background symbols, you’ll unlock the “four in a row” wheel and five takes you to the top spinning disc. As well as giving you the chance to win some impressive prizes, the bonus wheels add a sense of progression to the game. Indeed, when you play the original Monopoly, the thing that keeps you engaged is the fact you’re trying to progress and build up a portfolio of assets. The bonus wheel gives you a similar experience. By challenging you to reach the next wheel, the developers have captured the essence of gaming and, in turn, created a product that’s fantastically immersive.

Monopoly: Once Around Deluxe Slot Review

Perhaps the slickest Monopoly slot out there right now, Monopoly: Once Around Deluxe has a twilight theme that gives it a cool vibe. This slick appearance is matched by an interface that’s easy to understand and, importantly, accessible for all players. Indeed, at the lowest stakes, you can spin the five reels and 15 paylines for just £0.15. When you do that, you can expect an RTP of 94% and jackpot payouts topping 1,333X your line bet.

The reason Monopoly: Once Around Deluxe is regarded by some as the best in its class is the bonus game. In line with its name, this bonus literally takes you “around” the board. Once you hit three Mr Monopoly symbols, you’ll get to roll the dice. Wherever you land on the Monopoly board, you’ll collect rent.

As with the original game, the more desirable the street, the more money it’s worth. In fact, what’s neat about this bonus is that you can add hotels to the mix. By paying a premium before the start of the bonus round, you can place hotels on certain streets and win even more money. In our opinion, this is probably the closest you’ll get to a true Monopoly/casino crossover.

Monopoly: On the Money Slot Review

The final Monopoly slot we want to look at is On the Money. Classically styled and featuring 10 paylines, this game takes things back to the old school. Now, this doesn’t mean Monopoly: On the Money looks tired and old. On the contrary, the interface is light and bright thanks to the gilded edging and symbols. However, what this game does is give you a traditional Las Vegas slots experience.

In practice, this means you don’t have to engage in complex mini-games and bonus features. Instead, you can play for as little as £0.10 and play for jackpots worth 1,000X, wild wins and ‘free’ spin bonuses. While that might not sound very exciting to some, this is the essence of slot gaming. What’s more, the team at SGI do things properly. This means the features are slick, lucrative and easy to understand. Indeed, if we’re handing out awards for the most authentic Monopoly slot, On the Money would win.

Build A Casino Empire With Monopoly Slots Today

As you can see, the Monopoly slots franchise is not only extensive but extremely varied. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of classically styled spinners or you prefer something more innovative, the collection has something to suit everyone. What’s more, the developers have made sure that everything they do has a link back to classic board game.

Put simply, if you have fond memories of playing Monopoly with your family, these slots will make you smile. By offering you a chance to build houses and collect rent in a new way, the top Monopoly slots have brought a new layer of intrigue to the franchise. In fact, if you can make the right moves and lady luck is on your side, you could win some serious prizes when you ante-up.

To take a spin on the best online Monopoly slots and pick up some exclusive bonuses, make sure you check out our partner sites today.